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Welcome to Freshvery

At Freshvery, we're passionate about delivering the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables directly to your doorstep, including the best local produce alongside exotic and unique varieties from all over the world – from Peru to Chili, Kenya to South Africa, Japan to Thailand, and more... We also offer a wide selection of sustainable and organic produce, ensuring you have a truly global and environmentally conscious selection to explore

Our dedication to exceptional quality, including sustainable and organic practices, is recognized and trusted by top fine dining restaurants and hotels across Saudi Arabia. Choosing Freshvery is a testament to the freshness and excellence that you can expect.

Freshvery is more than just a delivery service; it's an idea born from a simple observation: convenient access to high-quality produce, including sustainable and organic options, shouldn't be a luxury. Pioneered by young entrepreneurs with expertise across food, operations, and service, we're making it a reality.